TICS have the world's number one, state of the art 'Bola' bowling machine, which provides accurate and consistent batting practice for cricketers of all standards and abilities. The Bola is also tangible and an enjoyable way of improving batting performance.

The Bola is multi talented and very capable of recreating all the best aspects of any bowling attack, 95mph bouncers and yorkers of the speed merchants to the subtle spin of the slow bowlers, the Bola can give you as many overs as you want to perfect all the shots in your game. It also allows you to select exactly the speed and length you want or deliver subtle variations of speed, swing or spin when a greater challenge is required.


Cricketers have opportunity to improve their batting without the frustrations of infinitely variable net bowling and when the standards of net bowling are less consistent and plentiful at club, school and junior level the Bola really comes into its own.

It provides any cricket coach with the capability to improve almost any batsman and has the facility to be able to watch a batsman playing the same ball time after time giving the coach the opportunity to visually analyse and fine tune technique. The Bola has accurate ball speed in miles per hour and also allows you to bowl a quicker or slower ball on the same spot.

The Bola Machine will do what no other net bowler can or wants to do. It will bowl whatever delivery the batsman wants to practise against, keep bowling that ball and can swing or spin. The Bola can deliver enough accurate bowling to effectively ‘groove’ shots and is excellent for practising foot movement and batting techniques against the turning ball.